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Urgent State Action Needed to Preserve Safety Net Services

Due to extensive budget cuts at the State level, funding needed for key behavioral health services has been eliminated.

Due to extensive budget cuts at the State level due to slow economic activity, funding needed for key behavioral health services has been eliminated. These services are more needed than ever due to a significant increase in demand for services due to COVID-19 related emotional stress.

Take urgent state action to recind budget restrictions to key behavioral health social services

A request for action has been made to all counties to reach out to your State Representatives and Governor Newsom’s Administration as soon as possible to highlight the need to preserve California’s safety net by stabilizing County Realignment funding. This is the critical time to contact your legislators to impact state budget decisions with key votes occurring as early as tomorrow.

We ask you to write your State Representatives (Click to search for the name and contact information of your State Representative) to express your interest to see County Realignment funding restored. To help your letter writing, please read the following points to highlight.

  • Counties provide critical human services, public health, behavioral health, and public safety programs on behalf of the state
  • The revenues to deliver these services through 1991 and 2011 Realignment are projected to decline by $3.3 billion combined in 2019-20 and 2020-21
  • An economic decline this rapid and severe was never anticipated
  • State funding is needed to avoid extreme cuts to programs that serve vulnerable populations at the time they are needed the most
  • There can be no economic recovery without a strong safety net

To better understand the potential impact these budget reductions may have on social services, click the links below to read copies of filed coalition letters:

The Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee will be taking budget actions tomorrow, with the Assembly Budget Committee to follow shortly. Write, call and email your representatives in the California Senate and Assembly, as well as Governor Newsom, urging that funding be provided to preserve the safety net programs that counties administer in partnership with the state. Counties are on the front lines of the COVID-19 public health and emergency response, and also facing an increased demand for safety net services at the same time the revenues available for those services are sharply declining. Reserves are being depleted to protect our residents, but budget decisions must be made now and will impact the very services most in need.

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