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Take Action: Access to Medicare-Covered Medications is in Jeopardy

We recently received the following call to action from our friends at DBSA. Please consider submitting a public comment on this issue as directed:

Access for some impacts access for all.

Medicare is recommending changes to rules that govern prescription plans, known as Part D, that could create delays and barriers to refilling existing prescriptions that treat mood disorders. If accepted, these rule changes would allow prescription plans to require prior approval from the plan before an existing prescription can be renewed. Plans would also be allowed to require individuals try a different medication and fail on that medication first before reimbursement of their original prescription is authorized. Further, the proposed rule would allow plans to deny coverage for innovations to existing medications, such as not covering a long acting injectable medication or drugs that have been modified to reduce adverse side effects.

These policies are dangerous and could lead to people experiencing an onset of serious symptoms with devastating results:

  • Increased financial burden due to unanticipated medical costs,
  • Deterioration of overall health, and
  • Diminished quality of life

In the most serious of circumstance these polices could lead to death by suicide when a successful treatment plan has been altered through delayed access to medication.

YOUR VOICE IS IMPORTANT to prevent these proposed changes taking affect.

Follow this link to submit an editable, DBSA written comment to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services asking them to reconsider this ill-guided policy and to continue to support recovery for people living with mood disorders. It’s important that you act today. Please forward to colleagues, family, and friends to assist us in this grassroots effort to make our voice heard.



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