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During an Emergency or Crisis

Call 911 if you are experiencing a mental health crisis/family emergency that puts you, your loved one, or others in immediate danger. If you do not need the police at this time, use a crisis hot line, not 911! 

These 911 Emergency Scripts can guide you through giving clear critical information to the 911 operator in various situations.

Tips for Calling 911 for Emergency/Crisis


During a serious mental health crisis/emergency, it may become necessary to call 911. The following linked information is meant to help you prepare for such an emergency. So, before you call,  one by learning:

  • How to be prepared for calling 911:
  • What to say to the emergency operator;
  • How to best interact with emergency responders such as sheriffs, police, firemen, paramedics, field social workers, and crisis intervention teams


Thankfully, NAMI is here to help! The links below can lead to the most help and the safest response for you and your loved one:

LAPD’s Community Mental Health Resource Guide Brochure


LAPD provides the following brochure to family members to help them navigate emergencies and find resources: LAPD’s Community Mental Health Resource Guide Brochure

Crisis Hotlines


The NAMI Glendale Hotlines page lists telephone access numbers for live help, including suicide prevention lines, crisis lines, and mental health emergency lines.

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