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Mental health conditions present numerous challenging circumstances to both those with a diagnosis, as well as their families, partners/spouses, friends, and caregivers. We hope the following resources can help you better navigate these difficult moments.

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) is the largest county-operated mental health department in the United States, serving more than 250,000 people a year. Below are some key resources to consult for utilizing their services:

NAMI Glendale’s Community Services Guide for Consumers, Families, and Service Providers

Created in 2018, this guide offers an overview of services within NAMI Glendale’s service area. Our team of fact-checkers are working tirelessly to make sure every entry is clear and correct, but if you have an update please let us know.

The Critical Role Family Support Plays in Recovery

The critical necessity of engaging a consumer’s family (no matter how defined) to be a positive force for recovery is coming more and more to the forefront in mental illness theory and practice.

My Family Member Has been Arrested–What Do I Do?

This page offers a step-by-step guide to help families cope with the criminal justice system in Los Angeles County when a family member who has a mental illness is arrested.

Guidelines for Effective Communication with 911 Dispatch

Here you’ll find numerous tips on being prepared for having to call 911, as well as how to best inform 911 operators and arriving police of the emergency in ways that keeps everyone safe. The page also contains scripts for mental health-specific information.

Hot Lines

Telephone access numbers for live help, including suicide prevention lines, crisis lines, and mental health emergency lines. Review this page before an emergency and print out a copy that you can access easily in the event of a crisis or emergency.

Missing Persons

This page is dedicated to all persons with mental illness who have not found their way home.

Substance Abuse Disorders and Dual Diagnosis

A few resources to help with a common problem for those with mental health conditions: substance abuse disorders, also called dual diagnosis.

Legal Stuff: Criminal and Civil Law; the Courts; and Contracts (Benefits, Investments, and Trusts)

Whether the issue is involuntary commitment or criminal charges, you will find resources that will help you to get your bearings in navigating the intricacies of our legal system as it pertains to people with mental illnesses. This page is divided into four sections:

  • Legal Assistance, Referrals, and Resources
  • Criminal Courts: Resources and Diversion Programs
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Mental Health Court of Los Angeles County

Assisted Outpatient Treatment/“Laura’s Law”

This is the name of the California legislation that authorizes Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) in this state for those with serious mental illnesses that are too ill to get help on their own and who are being frequently hospitalized or jailed.

Lanterman Petris Short Act (LPS) Conservatorship

An LPS Conservatorship is the legal term used in California which gives one adult (conservator) the responsibility for overseeing the comprehensive medical and mental health treatment for an adult (conservatee) who has a serious mental illness.

Mental Health Parity

Fair insurance coverage is the law. The page includes a downloadable poster which clearly and simply explains the law and the steps to take when a violation is suspected. Visit the excellent Parity Track website for more information.

Peer/Client/Consumer Resources

Resources for peers/clients/consumers, as well as resources run by peers/clients/consumers.

Veteran & Active Duty Service Members

There are multiple sources of help for Veterans & Active Duty service members, as well as their families and friends.

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