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New Report Analyses Barriers to Housing Homeless Individuals with Mental Illnesses

Though this new report is geographically limited to Pasadena, California, it offers important insights for all who are concerned with eliminating the barriers to housing for those with serious mental illnesses.

In forwarding this report to community activists, Pam Marx wrote:

“Our agency, Mental Health Advocacy Services, Inc. (MHAS), which partners with Friends In  Deed on the monthly Pasadena legal clinic, received a grant in 2018 from the California State Bar to study the challenges to housing individuals with mental health disabilities in the Pasadena area.  In furtherance of this study, MHAS interviewed stakeholders in Pasadena, including homelessness prevention providers, CES workers, mental health clinicians, housing agency staff, housing advocates, homeless individuals and others to get a sense of what the barriers to housing people looked like from the perspective of those people experiencing homeless and people working within the CES and related systems to get people housed.

We appreciate the support of the community in sharing experience and perspectives and hope the report we have prepared based on the information gathered illuminates some of the challenges and provides a way forward to ameliorate some of the barriers identified.  Our report is attached here and identifies a “next step” strategy related to barriers we identified concerning the need for greater practical understanding of how fair housing laws can work to reduce homelessness.

Naomi Sultan, MHAS staff attorney, will be reaching out to the Pasadena community in the coming weeks to discuss next steps and how we can work together toward systemic improvements.  If you are interested in being part of these discussions, please email me.  Thank you.”

Download the full report in PDF format here.

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