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NAMIGlendale’s advocacy makes a vital difference in the lives of people with serious mental illnesses and their families. We must make our voices heard.

“When We Know Better, We Do Better!”

Note:  To spare confusion if it’s not marked NAMI, it simply is not a NAMI position (see note below).*

NAMI National Advocacy

Policy change is one major way we can make a difference in the lives of people living with mental health conditions and their families. NAMI’s priority is to support Americans affected by mental illness’ opportunities to build better lives. We maintain an active presence in the U.S. Capitol on priority issues, driven by our board-directed NAMI Public Policy Platform and emerging issues.  NAMI advocates for an array of issues including:

  1. Securing better funding for research
  2. Protecting people’s access to treatment and services
  3. Attaining mental health parity

NAMI California Advocacy

To connect with  NAMI California’s advocacy  click here to go to the NAMI California website’s advocacy page.

Links and Other Good Stuff FYI*

Paul’s Legacy Project   Advocates, researches, and educates about the most seriously mentally ill and impediments to them in accessing treatment and services.

Pete Early’s blog Pete Early is nationally established author,  newspaper reporter, and speaker.  His is the premiere mental illness blog in the nation in reach, clarity, and prestige.

SlenderChance  At age 12, her severe schizophrenic delusions led Morgan Geyser to participate in an horrendous crime.   SlenderChance advocates for treatment for her not retribution.

Mental illness’s traumatic effects on individuals (and families) can be nigh impossible to communicate.  Society at large continues to make the lives of these people immeasurably more difficult and cruel. This is inhumane and senseless, creating needless tragedy.  We present our advocacy news and links to help you understand what is so badly broken and participate in the work of fixing it.

More . . . much more . . . to come!

*What is presented here is for your interest and education  to enable you to take action.  NAMI’s positions, nationally and at the state level, are developed over time and represent the developing consensus of the broadest numbers possible on the issue.  On some issues arriving at consensus may come quickly and easily.  Often though, building consensus on complex issues takes time as well as education, discussion, patience, and persistence.  Consensus may lag behind the most cutting edge of visionary advocacy.  It is therefore up to each of us to educate ourselves and decide where, when and how to dedicate our money, time and energy.  — John Hallowitz, co-chair of Advocacy Committee, NAMIGlendale.

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