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NAMI’s Voice is Needed During Public Debate on Measure J

Los Angeles County voters approved Measure J this past November, which allocates at least 10% of the County’s locally generated, unrestricted funding to address racial injustice through community investments including youth development, job training, small business development, supportive housing services, and alternatives to incarceration.

In March, there will be a community engagement process where residents and stakeholders will be able to elevate their priority funding recommendations at two public hearings. Do you want the County of Los Angeles to determine funding priorities without NAMI input? Of course not! That means NAMI needs YOUR voice to help guide the County Budget process, which begins in April.

Please join Mark Gale (NAMI GLAC Criminal Justice Chair) and Brittney Weissman (NAMI GLAC CEO) for a town hall style conference call THIS Tuesday, February 23rd, at 3 PM. Mark and Brittney will provide more context for the situation, as well as perspective on why your involvement so important.

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NAMI members NEED to show up in numbers large enough to ensure our perspectives are understood and taken seriously. That means it is imperative that more NAMI members attend these meetings, as we are at risk of having our voice drowned out. Please visit the Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office website for more information on both the Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Initiative and the Measure J meetings calendar.

Plan to attend both meetings (ATI is on Wednesday, 3/17 from 9-10:30 AM, and Measure J is on Thursday, March 18 from 4-6 PM), and express support for what you hear that you agree with and offer a different point of view should you disagree with what is being discussed. When you speak, be sure to say that you are a NAMI member, or place NAMI in your Zoom nameplate. Consider using a NAMI Zoom background too.

With your support and our voices unified, we CAN make a difference!

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