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~L.A. County Launches First-of-its-Kind Online Portal to Address Street Homelessness~

 Los Angeles Homeless Outreach Portal, (LA-HOP) Engages  Public’s Help in Targetting Street Outreach

LA-HOP, the new Countywide Web-based portal and mobile app, channels outreach support to people experiencing homelessness.  The platform empowers the general public and others to provide information and request outreach services for individual homeless persons.  
LA-HOP is designed to get services to vulnerable residents living on the street.  It makes it easier and more efficient for anyone to request help for someone and connect a homeless person with outreach workers.  The portal deploys the most appropriate outreach team, with the goal of reducing response times to those in need. Due to high demand, it may take a few days for an outreach team to be deployed; coordinators will prioritize those individuals who are most vulnerable. With nearly 40,000 people living on the streets of LA County, the need for outreach services is great.
Outreach teams responding to LA-HOP requests also conduct ongoing outreach all across the County. The portal does not replace homeless encampment reporting protocols established by the City of Los Angeles (my311), the County of Los Angeles and other jurisdictions.
The Countywide movement to prevent and combat homelessness is constantly seeking new approaches to deliver, more effectively, services that work.  
Funded by Measure H, LA-HOP was designed by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Health Agency and the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative. 

Supervisors herald the new online tool in the fight against homelessness

“This website is an important new addition to the many ways in which county, city, nonprofits and community leaders are working together to reduce homelessness,” said Board Chair Sheila Kuehl.

“LA-HOP is a powerful tool to directly target resources and outreach to people experiencing homelessness,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis, “by efficiently routing support and empowering the public”
Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas said, “This innovative tool will help us deploy our street outreach teams where they are most needed, so they can begin building relationships with our homeless neighbors and offer to connect them to services and housing.”
“There are plenty of people in L.A. County who come across a person struggling with homelessness and don’t know what to do to get them help,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “LA-HOP is an innovative tool that makes it easy for the public to request help for people in need.”
“LA-HOP provides a quick and easy way for residents to be a part of the solution …,” said Supervisor Kathryn Barger.   “With this portal, we get real-time information about where homeless individuals are, allowing us to connect them to resources more quickly and efficiently.”

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