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Information about Assisted Outpatient Treatment

Assisted Outpatient Treatment

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) provides an avenue to treatment for those with a mental health condition who are not accepting help. The Laura’s Law state statute allows each county to authorize and fund an Assisted Outpatient Treatment program to provide court ordered treatment, under certain stringent conditions, for a person with severe mental illness. (Laura’s Law is the name of California’s AOT law.) These programs may differ widely from county to county. This webpage gives you general information about AOT and Laura’s Law, as well as LA County specific information. LA County’s program is administered through the Department of Mental Health (DMH),

AOT Overview

It is well established that Assisted Outpatient Treatment laws:

  • Save lives
  • Reduce homelessness and hospitalizations
  • Decrease arrests and incarceration
  • Limit violence, crime, and victimization
  • Help families and reduce caregiver stress
  • Cost less than arrest and incarceration

Assisted Outpatient Treatment for Los Angeles (AOT-LA):

The AOT-LA program allows the Department of Mental Health to serve consumers with seriously mentally health conditions at substantial risk of deterioration as a direct result of poor psychiatric treatment compliance.

AOT-LA eligible individuals are outreached in an effort to voluntarily engage them in Full Service Partnership (FSP) services.

Key details about AOT-LA

  • If services are refused, AOT-LA may petition the court to order the individual into psychiatric outpatient treatment
  • AOT-LA Program expands inter-agency collaboration among courts, County Counsel, Public Defender, Patients’ Rights, and local law enforcement

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