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*Election Year Mental Health Petition to Candidates and Current Leaders*

We received the below update from “Our Health California.”  Please click the link below to read the petition, and then add your signature if you agree.

Our Health California

Tell California’s leaders: Address the mental health crisis
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We have a health care crisis:

  • In California, 6 million people live with a mental illness, and 4 million won’t get the treatment they need.
  • By 2020, mental illness and substance use disorders will surpass all physical diseases worldwide as major causes of disability.
  • One in five children right now has a diagnosable mental disorder.

These numbers represent real people — siblings, spouses, and best friends — who are struggling with mental illnesses and other behavioral health issues.

Before November’s election, we’re sending California’s candidates and current leaders a message: Address the mental health and substance use disorder crisis. 

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California’s current and future leaders need to lay out what they’ll do to increase access to care for Californians with mental illness and substance use disorders. Our leaders must make mental illness and substance-use solutions a top priority.

You can show candidates for office and current elected officials throughout the state that Californians demand bold, visionary, and committed leadership to address behavioral health.

Join 11,415 other Californians and sign the petition today. We’ll deliver these petitions before November’s election — and ensure our leaders make this a priority.

With your help, we’ll ensure Californians with mental health, substance use disorders, and other behavioral health issues get the care they need.

Thank you,

Paul Rains
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

P.S. Vote-by-mail ballots will be hitting mailboxes any day now. If you vote by mail, make sure you get your ballot postmarked on or before November 6 — Election Day!

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