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DMH & Service Area 4 Town Hall Meeting

Thanks to passionate NAMI advocacy activist Patricia Russel for sharing her video* of the the recent Service Area 4 Town Hall Meeting sponsored by the LA County Department of Mental Health and the Area 4, Service Area Advisory Committee (SAAC 4).

The program included:

*Award to Harold Turner for his service
* Presentations from Direct Providers
* Trieste Pilot Program
*Spoken Word from clients
* DMH Executive Director, Dr. Sherin’s Comments
* Appreciation of and comments from Katheryn Clay

This was the first of four meetings open to all DMH stakeholders and community members held at LA Trade Technical College on 7/25.  Although the focus of this first meeting was on developments and programs relevant to Service Area 4, the underlying issues and problems being addressed are pertinent to all DMH Service Areas and beyond.  NAMI Glendale serves significant parts of Service Areas 2 and 4. The meetings afforded multiple opportunities for public comment.

posted 07/28/2019

*If you have trouble hearing the audio try using external speakers or headphones; closed captioning is also available.

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