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Advocacy Alert Update: Supervisors Approve $22 Million for School Mental Health

Thank you for your support and advocacy.  Our collective efforts have paid off !

This positive step will pave the way and create additional opportunities for greater mental illness awareness, more and earlier interventions, and further and more fundamental reforms.This is a moment for us to celebrate, to recognize and feel the importance of our ongoing success in raising public awareness and public commitment. Everytime you share your story, speak out for mental illness, take steps to get the help you need, you are contributing to the struggle for adequate and available care and for equality for those with mental illness.

Are you ready to step up your game?  Do you want to know about more advocacy opportunities and to make even more of a difference?  Then, go to our Advocacy Page and sign up to join our advocacy network.  We’ll help you stand tall for mental illness, for equality, understanding, parity, and acceptance.

The NAMI Glendale Advocacy Team

See the original advocacy alert here.

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